TIGER ROVER was established in the

beginning of 2012.

  A manufacturer with over 8 years of

R&D and manufacturing experience in

optical and electronic products, and these

products are golf rangefinder, hunting

rangefinder, binocular series(telescope,

rangefinder, multifuntion bino),hunting

trail camera, rangefinder sight and some

other related products.
  With constant new technology development

and efficient company management, we have

always keeping pace with the global market to

fulfill different requirements from low to hight.

We also take care of our employees as

important as our customers as we consider

loyalty employees are insurence of quality

and quantity.
  Till now, we have been very reliable to

customers, especially who are interested

in ODM / OEM service.

  With serious indoor management,

customers can always feel easy to work

with us by the side of technology and

customer service.